June 1028

Generally, the sales trends of the last few months continued in Saginaw in June, but one factor was different.  As the number of newly constructed homes and more expensive preexisting homes were listed for sale, the days on market increased for homes over $210,000, the price of the least expensive new construction. Individual sellers sold seventeen homes ranging in price from $212,000 to $317,750 with an average of 31 days on the market.  By contrast, 22 homes sold for between $165,000, the lowest price for a home sold in Saginaw in June, and $210,000.  The average days on the market was only six days.  The statistics for June do not include new construction because many of the sales of new homes are not reported through our Multiple Listing Service, such as homes that customers have built, and builders report sales later than the MLS sales.   Buyers have various home choices with a budget over $210,000.  If they wish to spend less in our Saginaw area, they will still find fierce competition for the best homes.  These two graphs for the 76179 Zip Code area help show how the new construction affects the availability of homes for sale from $200,000 to $300,000.

Homes for sale by price

How is the market different than one year ago?  In June of 2017, an average home sold by an individual cost $188,370.  Last month it cost $214,133.  The average size of the house that sold in 2017 was 1870 square feet, but this June it was 1945 square feet.  The average home that sold in 2017 was built in 1992 as compared to 1999 in June of 2018.  Please check out my individual subdivision reports to show how each neighborhood has increased in value.

If you are interested in buying or selling, please call me.  I would be delighted to meet with you and give you more details about how I can be of assistance to you.  I look forward to serving you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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May 2018

In May of 2018, 43 homes were sold in Saginaw.  Eleven of these were new construction sold through our Multiple Listing Service.  The homes owned by individuals ranged in price from $160,000 to $315,000.  The least expensive was in Saginaw North and the highest priced in Creekwood.  The average home owned by an individual sold for $207,566.  The average home sold for 100.32% of list price, a reflection of the fact that 25 of the 32 houses sold in less than two weeks.  The average home was 1977 square feet and built in 1999.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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April 2017

Saginaw Home Sales April 2018

Forty- five homes sold in Saginaw in April of 2018.  The increased number of homes that sold included nine builder’s new homes.  Despite the addition of the new construction, the average days on the market, the percentage of the list price as compared to the sales price, and the average sales price did not change much from what we have seen recently.

Houses are still selling quickly in Saginaw.  The average days on the market is only 26 days with 25 of the homes selling in less than two weeks.   Even the new construction sold within an average of 57 days.

The maximum price for a Saginaw house was $320,000 and the least expensive was $84,000.  I was surprised to learn that the four most expensive homes were preowned and not new construction.  All of these were built in 2015.  The most expensive new home was $291,825 and the average price was $266,715.  The least expensive was $239,585.  Six houses sold for less than $150,000.

The average Saginaw home sold for 99.25% of the list price, and 17 houses sold for more than 100% of the list price.  The competition continued to be very stiff for buyers looking for homes.  A buyer needs to be ready to go look at a home the day it comes on the market.  Agents and buyers must be available to run see houses immediately, and buyers must be ready to offer their best, strongest offer right after viewing the home.

Several builders sold new construction in Saginaw last month.  DR Horton sold four newly constructed homes in the Basswood Crossing subdivision in the 76131 zip code area.  Lillian sold three homes, Antares one, Cheldan two and Dazzling one.  Buyers had many choices for new homes.  The data for this blog was collected as of May 23, 2018.  Even more new home sales are constantly being reported as the month of May progresses.

Please contact me if you would like more information about the market or if I can help you in any way.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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March 2018

Thirty-two homes sold in the City of Saginaw during March 2018.  The sales included new construction in the 76131 zip code area; one home sold for $271,060 and another for $305,000, the most expensive sale in town.  My statistics only show homes sold through the Multiple Listing Service and not the many sales directly sold by builders.  The five newly constructed and home and those built during the last three years sold for $260,000 or more.

The least expensive home sold for $125,000 and was built in 1965.  Only three houses sold for less than $150,000.  The average list price of a Saginaw home was $213,870, and the average sold price was $210,821.  The average home that sold in Saginaw was built in 1998.

Homes sold for an average of 98.80% of the list price, a reflection of our low inventory. Eighteen buyers paid list price or more for their homes.  The fact that many homes are selling close to list price is not a coincidence.  Even if the original contract price is much higher than the list price, especially after negotiations where the seller has multiple offers, a lower appraisal will bring the final sales price back in line with a price that will allow the buyer to finance the property.  If the selling agent listed the home at the proper price, the appraisal price and the list price should be close.  When a buyer pays cash, these rules do not apply.  A cash buyer in a multiple offer situation paid 105.71% of the list price for a home in Parkwest in March, which meant the house originally listed for $175,000 sold for $185,000.

Lovely homes priced below the cost of new construction sell quickly, and fixer-uppers and more expensive homes sell more slowly.  The average time on the market was 34 days, but the median time on the market was 14 days. Twelve homes sold within the first week and 15 in less than two weeks.  On the other hand, thirteen houses were on the market for a month or more.

Now is the time to plan seriously for two of the busiest home selling months of the year, May and June.  If you are thinking about selling this spring or summer, please call me now to let me tell you how to take advantage of this incredible sellers’ market and how to prepare your home for selling.  In this market with so little inventory, you may need to do less cosmetic work than you imagined, but you will need a plan for where to move when your house sells.  I would be delighted to meet with you, give you a free comparative market analysis, and talk about your moving plans.  Moving is often stressful, and one of my primary goals is to make the process as easy as possible for you.  I’m here to help!

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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February 2018

Saginaw, Texas, Residential Real Estate Update for February 2018

Thirty- five homes sold in Saginaw in February, a very usual number of sales for a late winter month in our area.  The most expensive home that sold in the City of Saginaw sold for $281,700.  It was one of the two newly constructed homes built by Antares.  The least expensive home sold last month was in Rancho North and sold for $132,000.  The average sales price for a Saginaw home was $194,036.  Fourteen homes sold for more than $200,000 and only five sold for $150,000 or less.

The average time on the market was 36 days.  Seventeen homes sold in less than two weeks, and four homes were on the market more than 100 days.  Surprisingly, twelve of the homes were built more than thirty years ago, and the average year built was 1992.  Some of the older homes sold in a week or less, but others with significant repairs stayed on the market longer.

Homes continued to sell for list price if they were priced fairly.  The average home sold for 99.88% of list price.  Thirteen homes sold for list price or more.  Buyers had difficulty finding bargains in this market.

February Saginaw sales followed the trends of recent months with no surprises.  Low inventories continued to plague our Saginaw market.  Please contact me if you would like more information about the market or if I can help you in any way.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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January 2018

January 2018 Saginaw Home Sales Hit an Annual Low

January’s twenty-four sales represent the contracts written in December and through the holidays.  January is typically the month of the year with the least home sales, and last month’s sales followed this trend.  Three of the sales were new construction. I believe the recent harsh winter weather and flu season exacerbated the slow sales, and very low inventories continued to plague the market.  Lately the multiple listing has typically only shown about ten homes actively for sale in Saginaw for less than $200,000.

The average home sold for $209,411 in January.  The least expensive home was built in 1962 and is in Rancho North.  It sold for $134,000.  The most expensive home cost $438,000.

The average home sold for 99.03% of the list price.  Eight homes sold for full list price or more.  The lowest percentage of the list price that a seller accepted was 95.71%.  This statistic is confusing because some sellers reduced their original prices drastically before they received acceptable offers.

The average time on the market increased to forty-seven days.  Seven homes sold in less than two weeks, and they were all listed for less than $200,000.  Seven homes were on the market more than sixty days.  Two of the homes were new construction, but let’s analyze some reasons the preowned homes were on the market so long.

1.       Foundation repairs needed to be made before a buyer could finance one home.  Even conventional loans are hard to obtain for a home with foundation issues.

2.       Three homes were significantly overpriced.  One home went down $20,100 from the original list price, the second $10,565, and the third $10,000.

3.       Taking the house off the market to make repairs while the house is for sale delays a sale. The carpet in the upstairs bedrooms was replaced in one listing, and then the house sold.  Another home could not be shown while ceiling repairs were in progress.  These sales would have progressed more smoothly if the repairs were made prior to listing the property for sale.

The slow month of January is past, and buyers are eagerly looking for homes again.  This is the time to list your home or make plans to list it in the spring or summer.  Please call me, text me or e-mail me for more information about buying or selling in Saginaw and let my twenty years experience in Saginaw work for you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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December 2017

Saginaw, Texas, Residential Real Estate Update

Despite the Holidays, the Saginaw real estate market kept rolling along at a brisk, steady pace.  Thirty- six houses sold in December in Saginaw ranging in price from $70,000 to $314,500.  The average sold price was $203,174.  The $70,000 home is on Anderson Street and was built in 1935.  The $314,500 home is a newly constructed MI Home in Creekwood.  It was one of the six newly constructed homes that closed through our multiple listing service in December.  Three of these were DR Horton homes, two were MI Homes, and one was a Silver Leaf home.

Houses continue to sell fast.  Nineteen homes sold in two weeks or less. The average time on the market was thirty-five days, but this average time to sell includes new construction that often takes longer to sell.

The average sales price was 99.6% of the list price, but some houses did have price reductions before they were on the market at the price which would sell.  Well kept, desirable houses selling for less than $200,000 often received multiple offers.

The start of the New Year is a perfect time to evaluate your housing dreams and needs.  Maybe you would like to know about how the increase in local prices has raised the value of your home, or you want to learn more about the selling process.  Possibly you are interested in a home in a different area.  I would be delighted to meet with you and provide the information you need to make good plans and future decisions.  In this Saginaw real estate market, most sellers can sell quickly and easily with a minimal amount of time and effort.  Please contact me. I’m here to help.  Let’s talk!

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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November 2017

Saginaw Homes Sales for November 2017

November had a typical fall market.  Sales were still strong, but the market was not as frantic as in the past spring and summer. After closely checking the multiple listing records for the twenty- six homes that sold in November, I could only find two homes that sold with an indication of competing, multiple offers.  One of these listings was for an “investor’s special” listed for $99,500.  Last spring multiple offers were very common and often increased the final sales prices as buyers competed for the same properties.

Houses still sold for close to their list prices with the average home selling for 99.34% of list price, but some of the sellers had lowered their list prices before their homes sold.  The price that sold the house was often not the original sales price for seven of the sellers, which indicates a slight cooling of the hot market we had last spring and summer.  Houses that were too expensive were hard to sell in this market.  The average sold price of a Saginaw home was down to $196,388.

The average days a house was on the market before selling was 36.  Twelve houses sold in less than two weeks.  The highest list price for a home that sold in 14 days or less was $189,900.  This is almost the exact price of the least expensive new construction in our area.  In Saginaw the more expensive homes generally take longer to sell than ones that cost less.  The two newly constructed home were on the market the longest.

Four newly constructed homes sold through multiple listing.  The new construction was in Saginaw Springs, Willow Vista Estates, and Spring Creek with the builders, DR Horton, Riverside, Silver Leaf and Lillian building in our communities.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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October 2017

Average Sales Price for a Saginaw Home Tops $200,000!

It happened!  In October the average list price for a Saginaw home went up to $201,274 and the sold price was $200,328.  The median sold price was $191,000.  The sold prices for Saginaw homes ranged from $140,000 to $400,000.  Thirty-five homes sold in October, including four that were new construction.  These numbers show the market continues to be vibrant despite the time of the year.  The sold prices were an average of 99.71% of the list price which affirms the continuation of a robust seller’s market.  No buyer purchased a home for less than 95% of the list price.

The average time on the market was thirty-one days for homes sold in October. Thirteen of the homes sold in less than two weeks.  These homes which sold quickly were mostly the ones listed for less than $188,500.  This price point is very close to the price of the least expensive new construction in our area, such as the DR Horton Express Homes built in Azle.

Please contact me for all your real estate needs and questions.  Text me, call me or e-mail me.  I have twenty years of experience in the Saginaw real estate market and live close enough to give you the personal, face to face service you deserve.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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September 2017

Saginaw Home Sales Report for September 2017

Thirty-one homes sold in Saginaw in September, which is approximately the number of sales for recent months.  Other indicators show a changing market.  The relationship between the list price and the sold price decreased, and the days on the market increased.

In recent months buyers expected to pay the list price or more for a home, but in September the average home sold for 98.94% of the list price, and only eight of the homes sold for more than list price.  The bidding wars were fewer even in the lower priced properties. If this trend continues, it will slow down the incredible appreciation that we have seen for homes in our area recently.  Between the Great Recession and this time of limited inventory, homes were often selling at an average of about 95% of list price, and the market was more balanced. Buyers could more easily afford homes, and property taxes were lower.

The second important September trend was the longer time on the market.  The median time on the market was 16 days, and the average time was 50 days.  The fifty days included two newly constructed homes selling for over $300,000 and a home with legal entanglements that took months to solve.  Although these homes were the exception, fourteen homes took more than three weeks to sell, which is a change from the frantic market of this spring when homes were selling more quickly.

Each month seems to have different subdivisions with the most sales.  Heather Ridge was the highest in September with four sales, followed by Whisperwood Estates, Highland Station and Rancho North which each had three.

If you would like more information about selling your home or taking advantage of the new market, give me a call, send me a text message, or send me an e-mail.  I’m here to serve you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –


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August 2017


Thirty-three homes sold in Saginaw in August of 2017.  The average sales price of $197,747 moved upward toward $200,000.  The lowest sales price was $115,000 and the highest was $327,990.  Thirteen houses sold for more than $200,000.  Six sold for less than $150,000.

Many of the August home sales were for homes in older neighborhoods.  The average year built was 1997 and the median was the year 2000. Six homes were sold in Saginaw North, one of Saginaw’s oldest neighborhoods.  The subdivision with the second highest number of sales was Highland Station where homes were built about twenty years ago. Only four newly constructed homes sold through the multiple listing service, which is evidence that many of our new neighborhoods are currently completed or homes sold directly from the builders.  Some builders, such as McBee, plan to build more homes in the future in Saginaw.

The average size of the home sold in August was 1870 square feet, and ten homes with more than 2000 square feet were sold.  Sales included two large homes with more than 300 square feet.  One was new construction, but the other was built in 1999.  The smallest home was built in 1969 with a mere 1172 square feet. This little house is in Rancho North.

Saginaw houses continued to sell quickly.  Twenty- three homes sold in two weeks or less, and seventeen sold within a week.  The average days on the market was twenty-two days, but this time includes the new construction which took longer to sell and a few outliers that sold slowly because of the home’s condition or the circumstances of the sale, such as going back on the market when a buyer’s financing fell through.

Buyers can expect to pay the list price for a home which is priced fairly. The average home sold for 100.38% of the list price.  Two houses sold for more than $10,000 above their list prices.  Both were originally priced at less than $160,000, a price point where the competition is steep.  Thirteen homes sold for the exact list price, and five more for slightly more than list price.  Seven buyers paid less than the list price, and discounts were more common in prices over $200,000.  The minimum price was 95.19% of the list price.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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July 2017

Thirty-Five houses sold in Saginaw in July of 2017.  An interesting trend was the number of older homes that were remodeled and sold as sellers took advantage of the higher prices in our neighborhoods.  Six of the 35 homes were built before 1980, and fifteen were built before the year 2000.  The oldest home was on Worthy Street, which was built in 1959.  The average year built for a home sold in July was 1997 and the median year built was 2001.

Only one home that sold was new construction.  Two factors contribute to the limited number of new homes sold, including the way that many buyers purchase new construction directly from the builder and not through the multiple listing and the fact that several of the new home neighborhoods in Saginaw no longer have lots for sale.  Even though the model homes for Antares, Riverside Homes and Lillian Homes may still be in Saginaw, the new construction is in areas close to us in Fort Worth.

The average sold price for a Saginaw home was $192,050.  This average, hypothetical house was built in 1997 and is 1997 square feet.  It sold for $99.85 per square foot.  It sold at 100.27% of list price.  Twenty -five of the third-five sales had full price offers or prices above the list price.

Eight houses sold in three days or less.  Buyers viewed the houses immediately as they hit the market, usually within the first few hours, and rushed to submit good offers.  The only way to have an opportunity to purchase a home in this frantic market is to be set up with an agent who is sending you new listings as they come on the market.  Our multiple listing service allows us to automatically notify potential buyers of new listings minutes after a listing is entered into the system.  I can set you up with such a special search.  If possible, we will view the home the first day it comes on the market. I can also help you if you are interested in selling.  These sales statistics show that we still have plenty of buyers in our market.  Please call me, text me or e-mail me if you would like a free market analysis or advice on selling your home.  I’m here to help you!

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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June 2017

June 2017 was an active month for Saginaw home sales as homeowners took advantage of the recent appreciation in our area and investors cashed out their equity.  The average home sold for $188,370.  This average home was 1870 square feet and was built in 1992.  These statistics for the average home reflect the sales of large, expensive newly constructed homes, but the median price of $176.500, size of 1663 square feet and year built of 1998 reflect the number of older homes sold last month.  June is often the best month of the year for home sales, and sellers took advantage of the selling season.  Buyers paid at least $160,000 for houses built after 1980.

Three newly constructed homes were sold, one in the Dominion, one in Creekwood and one in Saginaw Springs.  Of course, these numbers only reflect the new construction sold through agents and our multiple listing service, not homes sold directly by the builders.  These homes had been on the market for from 118 to 259 days. The sales prices for these homes ranged from $305,000 to $339,000 for homes 2384 square feet to 3160 square feet.

Last month the trend was the sales of homes in our established neighborhoods.  Five homes sold in Rancho North with price ranges of $136,000 to $159,000.  Seven sold in Saginaw North with prices from $65,000 to $154,900.  Sellers of these homes were purchasing newer, bigger homes or moving away from the area or were investors selling to take advantage of the recent home appreciation.  Highland Station had five sales with an average price of $176,550, and one amazing sale of $318,000 for a home built in 2000.  This home on Topeka Drive featured an inground pool plus 4176 square feet. It sold in six days at above list price.  By contrast only two homes sold in Heather Ridge, a newer subdivision in 76131. Excluding new construction, only three homes built in the last ten years were sold.

The average buyer paid the list price for a Saginaw home last month.  As sellers continued to receive multiple offers, the prices would have been even higher if the bank appraisals had not reduced the contract sales prices for some homes before closing.  Twenty homes sold for more than the list price, and six homes sold for 100% of list price.  When sellers had well kept, move-in ready homes, they sold quickly for list price or more.  A buyer might find a fixer upper with a seller who will accept a lower price than list price, but buyers should not expect to have low offers accepted by Saginaw sellers.  If the house is in good enough condition for the home to qualify for a loan, the seller probably does not need to negotiate the price very much.  Other than new construction sales, only four homes sold for less than 95% of list price.  One of these was my listing at 1129 Dennis where the bank appraisal reduced the final sales price.

How long did homes stay on the market in Saginaw in June?  The median days on the market was five days, and the average was 25 days.  The difference in these statistics reflects the speed of sales of homes that are less than $200,000 and the expensive new construction.  The days on the market increases as home prices compete with new construction, which start at about $200,000 in neighboring areas of Fort Worth. Thirty- three existing homes sold in less than two weeks.  Only four homes that were not new construction were on the market more than two weeks.  The new home on Mangrove Trail was on the market for 259 days.

If you are thinking of selling, contact me before the busy summer real estate season ends.  Call me, e-mail me or send me a text message requesting an updated, free comparative market analysis for your home.  Let’s meet, and I will explain how you can take advantage of this incredible market and my marketing skills and experience.  If you are considering buying a home in our area, I can set up a special, online search for you that sends you information about new listings within minutes of when they go on the market.  We can schedule a showing immediately.  I look forward to serving you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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May 2017

I sold 961 Fenway Lane in 3 days for $6000 above list price.

The market continued to be exceptionally good for sellers. In May 2017, 38 homes sold in Saginaw.  Three were new construction.  The sold prices ranged from $90,000 for a cash sale for an older home in Rancho North to $399,000 for new construction in Creekwood.  The average days on the market for these homes was 18 days, but one home was on the market 208 days and some homes sold the day they were listed.  Twenty- six homes sold in a week or less.  Most homes sold for the list price or more, although nine homes sold for less than list price. The average home sold for 99.60% of the list price.

When homes are selling so quickly in Saginaw, potential buyers, sellers and agents might be wondering how buyers are financing their new homes.  Of the 35 homes that sold last month, nineteen sold with conventional loans, eight sold with a VA loan, four sold for cash, one sold through a special bond program and three sold with FHA financing.

I carefully analyzed the sold listings looking for indications that the sellers had received multiple offers.  Apparently ten listings received multiple offers, and the sellers wished to ask for the “highest and best offer”.  Of course, sellers may choose to accept or negotiate one good offer even if they receive several offers; therefore, more than ten sellers may have received multiple offers on their homes.  Because  homes are selling so quickly, buyers should make their first offer their highest offer if they really like a home, especially if the house just came on the market.

If you would like more detailed information about sales trends in your neighborhood or your plan to buy and sell, please contact me for a free consultation.  I look forward to serving you!

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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April 2017

1044 West Hills Terrace sold for 105% of list price in three days!

The trends for Saginaw April home sales continued with new construction, low inventory for less expensive homes, rapid sales and higher dominating the market.   Of the thirty-eight homes sold ten were new construction. These homes sold in the subdivisions of Spring Creek and Creekwood in 76131 and Saginaw Springs, the Dominion and Willow Vista in 76179.  The least expensive newly construction home was in Spring Springs and sold for $214,290.  The most expensive new home sold in Creekwood for $309,900.

Buyers competed fiercely for the less expensive homes.  Only three homes sold for less than $150,000.  All were in the Rancho North subdivision and were built in the 1960’s.  The competition has driven the prices up for many homes.  If the purchase involved a mortgage, the appraisal could limit the sales price, but often buyers agreed to pay more than the appraised price.  The potential for a low appraisal makes sellers favor cash offers and offers with large down payments.  In this environment of ever higher prices, some transactions will fail, including extremely high offers without comparable sales to back-up the contract sales price or available cash from the buyer for the difference between the appraised price and contract sales price.

Homes continued to sell quickly. The average days on the market was 29 for all homes, but homes owned by individuals sold faster than new construction.  Of the twenty- seven homes sold by individuals, 14 sold in a week or less, and the average time on the market was eleven days.  New construction averaged 79 days on the market.  Newly built homes often sell more slowly because they generally are more expensive than preexisting homes, and they include the homes that builders are using as model homes.

The statistics for the percentage of the sold price compared to the list price in April were interesting.   My listing at 1044 West Hills Terrace was listed for $149,900, but my sellers sold the home for $157,500, which is 105.07% of the list price, the highest percentage above the list price among the April sales for homes sold by individuals. By having an open house and aggressively advertising my property, I received strong, competing offers for my sellers.  The home that sold for the greatest discounted needed repairs, and the seller received accepted $19,000 off the list price and accepted a cash offer. The average percentage of list price to sold price was 99.50% for homes sold by individuals, and sixteen of the twenty-seven sellers sold for at least their list price.  The prices for new construction were even less negotiable.  Only the home on Mangrove Trail that had been on the market for 197 days was sold at a discount.  The other nine new homes sold for their list prices.  The one HUD foreclosure, a four bedroom in Parkwest, was listed for $137,000 but sold for $160,000.

April was a wonderful time for Saginaw homeowners with amazing selling opportunities because homes were selling quickly at historically good prices.  Now might be a good time for you to sell your home.  Please call me, text me or send me an e-mail, and let’s talk about how I can help you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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March 2017

Saginaw Residential Home Sales Update for March 2017

Thirty-five homes sold in Saginaw in March with an average sold price of $201,927.  The median sold price was only $187,000.  The median price was so much lower than the average price because of the expensive, newly constructed homes that sold last month in Saginaw Springs and Creekwood.  Seven homes sold for more than $250,000 and three for more than $300,000.  The most expensive, a five bedroom, sold for $358,000.  A big home with 3680 square feet home sold for $353,764.

The least expensive home in sold this year brought $45,000.  This home was built in 1930 and is 1004 square feet.  It was only on the market one day.

Many Saginaw homes continued to sell quickly.  Seventeen houses sold in less than one week, but the average timed on the market was 37 days.  Older homes with extensive repairs, some new construction and newer homes competing on price with new construction added to the longer average time to sell.  Houses selling for more than $220,000 seldom sold in two weeks.

The average sold price was 98.79% of the list price. Seventeen homes sold for the list price or more.  None of the new construction sold for list price.  These price reductions lowered the average per cent of the list price to sold price for these homes.

If you are interested in selling your home, now is a wonderful time to sell.  Recent price appreciation has been amazing, and the short length of time that homes are on the market makes the selling process easy for sellers.  How much easier life is for sellers now that they only need to keep their home ready to show for a few days instead of for weeks or months!

Please call me if you are considering selling.  I know special strategies to make buyers compete even more aggressively for your home.  I will also provide you with a free, careful analysis of the sold prices of a home like yours and ideas for making the most money on your sale.  I am glad to visit your home and make recommendations of upgrades and repairs.

With such a low inventory of homes for sale, buyers often need to see a new listing the very first day it comes on the market.  If you are searching for a home in our Saginaw area, I will set you up a search for a home that meet your criteria, help you get prequalified for a loan, and then plan to show you the homes immediately as they become available.  I am also experienced in working with builders and can help you purchase new construction.  Please call me, text me or e-mail me if I can help you in any way.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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February 2017

The sales of homes in Saginaw during February showed an interesting sales pattern.  The twelve homes that sold for less than $190,000 were quite different than the homes that sold for more than $200,000.  This $200,000 price point is important because it is the realistic starting price for most of the new construction in and around the Saginaw area.  Homes listed for more than $200,000 are competing with brand new homes.

Let’s look at the houses that sold for less than $190,000, the ones without new construction competition. The first twelve houses sold for an average price of $155,150 with the prices ranging from $85,000 to $189,500.  They were on the market an average of 10 days.  Some houses sold immediately, and one house sold after 51 days.  These were older homes.  The oldest was built in 1964 and the newest in 2003.  The average year built was 1987.  These homes were smaller than the more expensive homes with an average size of 1551 square feet.  The house built in 1964 was only 1023 square feet, and the largest was 1901 square feet.

The second, more expensive group of fourteen homes includes homes selling for a minimum of $206,640.  Five of these were new construction, and one was a home on more than an acre on S Water Tower Road.  Including the new construction, the houses were on the market an average of 122 days, but the average drops to 77 days if those builders’ homes aren’t calculated in the average.  The average year built was 2010.  The oldest home was the one on S Water Tower Road which was constructed in 1999.  The smallest house was 1608 square feet and the largest was 3096 square feet with an average size of 2211 square feet.

If you are wondering what your home is worth, find out the quick and easy way- FREE.  Simply email your home address to kwheeler@kathleenwheeler. Com with EZ Price in the subject line or contact me through Facebook.  I will email you a complete market report of homes sold recently in your subdivision.  For more complete information about the current real estate market in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw area, call me, text me or e-mail me to set up a free consultation.  I look forward to serving you.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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Best time of the year to sell my home?

One of the questions that I am often asked is, “When is the best time of the year to sell my home?”  A graph of the home sales in Texas from 1990 through 2015 show January as the slowest month of the year, followed by February.  Sales increase steadily in March, April, and May.  Sales reach their highest number in June, July and August and then drop off in September, October and November, with a slight rise in December according to the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.  Here is a graph of the number of sales of homes in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD per month last year:

2016 Home Sales (Link to full page chart)

You see that the chart does not follow the pattern the Real Estate Center would have us expect.  The new construction in our area accounted for 35 homes that sold in December, which made December look as good as a summer month for the number of houses sold.  Also, sales were already brisk in March in anticipation of the frantic market to follow.  The number of closings shown in our MLS statistics will reflect good weather that has allowed builders to finish homes under contract and proceed with the closing.  This weather factor would not affect an area with little new construction. Weather effects home purchases in several ways, though.  No one is quite as enthusiastic to look at houses when it’s too hot to be in a car or when the front door knob is so hot that it can burn you.  Buyers prefer to look at homes in the spring when the weather is comfortable and the grass and flowers look pretty, but often their schedules make them go house hunting in the heat of summer. Our warm Fort Worth winters aren’t much of a problem for seeing homes, but the evening hours of daylight are shorter, which means there’s less time to go house hunting.  Buyers also miss seeing a beautiful green yard.  Many of our buyers are coming from other parts of the country with weather patterns unlike ours.  I remember my own experience of saying I wasn’t moving from Kansas until spring because I had visions of the moving van stuck in a snowbank as we tried to move from Topeka in the winter.  We must think about the buyer’s move away from another location as well as the purchase here.

The holidays effect our home sales.  Potential buyers may actually use that time to go house hunting, especially if they come to visit friends and family from out of town.  Many buyers wish to be settled into a new home before the holidays, and especially before Christmas.  Others would prefer to not sell until after the holidays are over.  For some sellers Thanksgiving and Christmas décor can contribute to a home that can be stunningly staged, but for other sellers having home showings during the holidays is a total disruption.

A huge factor effecting when homes sell in our area is the school calendar.  Of course, parents want children to be enrolled in their preferred school district with as little disruption as possible to their school progress.  Whenever possible families with children make their moves in the summer, as late as they can in the spring or during school breaks.   In our area we have college and university students with school schedules that effect their lives.  Even grandparents who provide after school childcare might plan a move around the school calendar.  Employees of all of the schools like to be moved before school starts, and this fact is easy to underestimate.  Homebuyers include superintendents, bus drivers, district computer technicians, as well as teachers.  No wonder the market slows after school starts!

This article is based on “Selling Season” by Ali Anari in Tierra Grande, October 2016.  Tierra Grande is the Journal of the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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Saginaw, Texas, Home Sales January 2017

Sales in January fell from 39 homes sold in December to only 27 in January, 2017.  The least expensive home sold in January was $120,000, only $100 more than December’s least expensive home.  January’s most expensive home was $284,900, down from the home in Creekwood that sold for $333,000 in December.  The average sales price as a percentage of list price returned to 99.42%.  Buyers still generally can’t expect sellers to accept low offers in this market.

The average time on the market was 42 days.  Homes generally took longer to sell than in December although eleven homes sold in less than two weeks.  These quick sales show that reasonably priced homes in good condition are still selling quickly. In both December and January five newly constructed homes were sold; therefore, in January new construction was a much greater percentage of total sales, a fact that effected the average days on the market.  New construction often sells more slowly than less expensive, preowned homes.

Many potential buyers wish to buy homes, but they have been frustrated by the months of low inventories in our markets.  If you are thinking of selling your home, please contact me to receive a current, free market analysis and information about our amazing market for sellers.  If you are a buyer, please contact me so that I can help you immediately view any new properties that come on the market.  I am a full- time agent who lives in the Saginaw area who can usually show you a new listing the day it comes on the market.  Please call me, text me or send me an e-mail.  I look forward to serving you.

Kathleen Wheeler

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When Is Cash King?

I often have buyers believe that a seller will accept an extremely low offer on a home just because they are offering cash.  When a buyer receives two very similar offers and one is cash and the other involves financing, the seller will usually accept the cash offer, but if the offers are not equal, let’s look at what a seller must consider including the net proceeds, time limitation and repairs.

Whenever I receive an offer for my sellers, I prepare a careful net proceeds document which allows the sellers to know what money they will receive at closing when the house is sold.  A cash buyer may request the existing survey from the sellers, but without financing, a survey is not required for the sale.  Not needing to pay for a survey will save about $400, a cost that the buyer might ask the sellers to pay although this expense is negotiable.  If the buyer does not ask for closing cost concessions from the sellers, the cash offer and the offer with financing often net them the same amount of money.  VA loans and some special programs have extra costs, but those can be presented to the sellers when they analysis their net proceeds.

If the sellers accept a cash offer, they assume that the closing will be on time without the high possibilities of delay or disruption.  If the home is in good condition and priced based on recent comparable sales in the area so that the appraisal will not be a problem, a buyer with a conventional loan can complete the sale in about a month and a buyer with a VA or FHA loan will need about 45 days.  VA and FHA loans have some minimal repair requirements that sometimes delay closing if they are not addressed early in the process. The transactions that are most likely to close on time have large down payments, and the buyers are working with experienced, trustworthy lenders.  The buyers also can expedite the process by providing the lender with necessary documents and information as soon as it is requested.

Sometimes cash really matters.  If a home has an air conditioner, roof or foundation or other serious repair that the seller can’t repair because of cost or other personal circumstances, the buyer will not easily be able to get a loan for the house.  If the seller must sell, his possible buyers would be the limited number of cash buyers or the rare buyer on a special financing program.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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New Construction Here for Less than $190,000!

DR Horton is pre-selling homes in Villages of Eagle Mountain right here in the Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD.  This new subdivision will be off WJ Boaz Road, and the prices start as low as $185,990 now for a four bedroom home.  I can help you take advantage of this opportunity.  Please contact me for this or any other real estate need.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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December 2016

December sales reflected a slowing trend typical of winter.  Thirty- nine houses sold with the average list price of just less than $200,000.  The least expensive home sold for $119,900 and the most expensive was $333,000, a new Highland Home in Creekwood.  The average home sold for 97.83% of the list price, which is less than the 99% of list price several months earlier.  Not all homes are selling at a discount; sixteen sold for 100% of list price.  Homes sold in an average of about a month, and only 10 homes sold in less than two weeks.

Certain segments of the Saginaw market were of special interest in December.  New construction accounted for four of the sales with prices ranging from $251,618 to $333,000.  Highland Homes, Mc Bee and Antares all sold new homes.  Although homes in the Courts of Willow Creek do not come on the market often because most residents love their neighborhood, four houses sold last month. The prices averaged $232,975 in the Courts of Willow Creek.  Five preowned homes sold in Creekwood with prices ranging from $180,000 to $302,000.  Highland Station had six sales with a range of prices from $163,300 to $195,000.  The average size of a home selling in Highland Station was 2222 square feet, which is a great size home for a family.   With the schools, parks and shopping so convenient, Highland Station is an economical, wise subdivision choice for young families.

January of 2017 began with a very low inventory of preowned homes.  Forty houses are for sale, but twenty-three of them are new construction.  The average home for sale in Saginaw is listed for $257,951, and only five were listed for less than $200,000.  Please call me, text me, or e-mail me  if you would like more information about buying or selling a home in Saginaw or if I can help you in any way.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

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Country Dreaming

Century 21 Alliance Properties agents go see our new office listings on Wednesdays.  Because our brokerage has an office in Saginaw and one in Azle, we meet in Saginaw one week and then meet in Azle the next week.  We preview the newly listed homes in the area where we are having our weekly meeting.  My plan is to share with you my favorite features of our new listings.  I see some amazing homes that I will enjoy sharing with you.

We previewed this amazing home on Reynolds Drive in Azle with more than 5 acres.

Stunning living room with high skylights and a unique central fireplace.

I love this kitchen!

This patio looks out across the wooded acreage in the back yard.  What a perfect escape from the bustle of the city!

What a wonderful workshop!

We also viewed this comfortable, move-in ready country home on 145 PR in Boyd with more than 7 acres and a price of less an $300,000

Welcoming home even has a front porch!

One of the cheerful rooms with lots of windows looking out to the wooded acreage.

View from the back deck out to the woods.

If you would like more information about these homes, please call me, text me or send me an e-mail.  I am eager to answer your questions and show you these lovely homes.

– Kathleen Wheeler –


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Why Are Saginaw Homes So Expensive Now?

Often potential buyers ask me this question because our home prices have increased so dramatically in the last couple of years.  The shock is greatest for buyers moving here from more rural parts of the country and long-time residents who haven’t purchased a home in several years.  The real reason for the increase in prices is supply and demand for homes that families can afford.  Because the hopeful buyers outnumber the sellers, multiple offers and disappointed buyers have been typical for homes listed for less than about $170,000 in our area.

The North Texas economy has grown at an extraordinary pace as companies relocate here from other areas and new businesses open.  The relatively low cost of living, the lightly regulated business environment, good access to major transportation, warm climate and quality institutions of higher education have all contributed to attracting newcomers to our area from other parts of the United States and around the world.  I often meet newcomers who first move to the Saginaw area for employment opportunities, but later are followed by family members who soon love Texas, too.

Maybe you are wondering why so relatively few of the less expensive homes are coming up for sale. There are many reasons, including investor trends.  As prices began to climb after the Great Recession, investors and “reluctant landlords”, sold their homes, but the homes have appreciated for several years, and many of these former owners have already sold their homes as their tenants moved out.  The “reluctant landlords” were owners who had mortgages that would not allow them to sell when prices fell during the Great Recession, and they rented their homes to prevent foreclosure.  They sold when prices went up.  Investors purchased foreclosures during the Great Recession for bargain prices, rented them for a few years, and fixed them up again and sold at top prices.  The strong rental market and the potential for even greater home appreciation makes our Saginaw market very desirable for long term investors, and these investors compete for the scarce number of homes on the market

In the past many families sold smaller, older homes to buy larger, newer homes, but the increase in home prices has now outpaced the average increase in wages, making this move-up transition less affordable.  In the Metroplex builders are focusing on building more expensive homes, as the cost of land, building materials, government permits, and construction workers has increased.  Many workers left the construction industry during the Recession when our local building almost stopped completely.  After the Recession, many workers sought employment in the oil industry with its higher salaries.  Builders had the challenge of finding skilled workers when the market turned around, and they were ready to start building again.

As the builders need to construct more expensive homes to make their necessary profits, they also keep out two other parts of our housing market who are competing for the more reasonably priced homes. These hopeful purchasers are the first-time buyers and retired folks.  I fondly remember our first 1000 square foot house we purchased as newlyweds.  It met our needs perfectly at the time, and we bought it for no money down on my husband’s VA loan with my starting teacher’s salary.  Many seniors wish they had small homes that are easy to care for and fit into their budgets.  I wish I had enough homes to sell that were perfect for everyone.

Even in this challenging buyers’ market, some homeowners sell, and I can help you be sure that you do not miss out on a chance to buy the home that is just right for you.  I can set you up a free-online search that will notify you immediately when the perfect home becomes available.  If you think you might like to sell your home, please contact me for a free market analysis and the most up to date information about our local real estate market.  Please call me, text, me or e-mail me if I can help you in anyway with real estate.  I’m here to answer your questions and help you solve problems.

– Kathleen Wheeler –

My source for this blog was the article “Game of Homes: The Supply-Demand Struggle” from October 2016 of Tierra Grande, Journal of the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University.
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